Rapkap and APR Technologies in SWEDEN is currently developing chip cooling solutions for tomorrow...




μ-TR™ Liquid cooling is a patented small-sized and light-weight “no-moving-parts” -thermal regulator system enabling variable conductance, to efficiently transfer heat from one medium to another, consisting of one or several of; micropumps, micro heat exchangers and radiators, plus control unit and tubing. It is based on NEMS/MEMS technology and breaks the limits for thermal regulation systems. Typical advantages are; Minimum vibrations, Low power consumtion, Wide temperature range, and On/off or precision regulation to ±0.1K. For space applicatins it also overcomes gravity head (allows on-ground testing for space industry).



ElCool™ Air cooling is also a patented "no moving-parts" -solution with micro-machined features enabling a high air-flow and high efficiency of the cooling fan at low power consumption. The device is free from noise, really small and light-weight compared to a passive flange (10 fold mass/size reduction). Typical cooling capacity ranges between 3 W and 60 W. Prototypes of ElCool™ air cooler is availabe for LED lights and electronic components.



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